Spiritual Growth


Every Christian is called to follow Christ. We believe our spiritual growth is life long and this organic as well as intentional process occurs in three manners: devotion, learning and practice. Devotion is the deep affection for and commitment to God that we hold in our hearts, our minds and our souls. It relates to both what we feel and what we become daily. Devotion is a matter both of what we are, which is worshipers, and what we intend to become: conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. This is a daily choice and we all have the ability to reflect on God, see Him at work and relate to Him. The key emphasis is intentionality. We want to build this into all of our community engagements inside and outside the gatherings at SouthGate. 


Part of growth in faith is coming to know and recognize God, as well as continuing proximity (drawing close) to God  - through revelation, insight & wisdom (understanding) into the presence and character of God.   By this we mean the way by which we claim our spiritual birthright, knowing our Father, being transformed with new minds & identity.  This occurs daily as we allow ourselves to be changed into His image and we discover His grace and mercy at work in the sectors of society and the various spheres of life (e.g. arts, education, economy).  This is that part of the Christian journey that relates to what we know as well as what we’re thinking.   We joyfully point to  God's Word  as our key emphasis for learning.


Our lives in Christ are a matter of “being,” and they are real concrete examples of “doing”,  and they both hinge on knowing God.  Jesus said, "Now this is eternal life, that they know You, the only True God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." - (Jn 17:3).   Practice is a matter of daily application, to allow God, through us, to reflect His wise love,  His gracious strength, His righteousness that is so unyielding and yet so gracious.   God's working in our lives is one way He makes Himself visible in the physical realm - the inner work of grace becomes a practical outer experience of transformation too!   And it seems to be most effectively expressed together as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Come join us!