Local and Global Missions

Local Missions

  • Christian Alliance for Orphans:  CAFO sponsors joint initiatives to inspire and equip Christians to live out effectively the Bible’s call to care for orphans and vulnerable children. As a church we Experience opportunities to participate in critical issue forums with like-minded individuals, other churches, and organizations that keep us informed about emerging developments with the cause of the orphan. We participate in the northern colorado regional alliance. Find out more at https://cafo.org/

  • Eternal Brothers:  An outreach ministry formed to care for the sick, homeless, poor, and broken in the northern colorado communities. The Eternal Brothers facilitate monthly outreaches to the homeless in north Fort Collins and Greeley, seasonal service ministries to mobile home parks as well as organizing food and clothing collections and drives to redistribute to those in need. Find out more at www.eternalbrothers.com/

  • Faith Family and Hospitality:  A local grassroots effort and coalition of 27 Faith communities in the city of Fort Collins, CO, contributing compassionately to those in transition. These volunteer congregations provide fellowship, overnight housing, meals and support to local families experiencing homelessness. There are 13 congregations that serve as host sites, and 14 who support and back up that effort. SouthGate Church participates as a host site quarterly. Find out more at www.faithfamilyhospitality.org/

  • Fort Collins Church Network:  A charitable non-profit organization committed to serving the church and the community. The network exists to share and establish the Kingdom of Jesus through the gospel and community efforts of 25 partner churches, finding their place in the story of God and the city. SouthGate has been a partner of the network since its inception over 15 years ago. Find out more at fortcollinschurchnetwork.org/

  • Harvest Farm:  A 209-acre farm and rehabilitation center for men seeking to break cycles of addiction and homelessness. Located in Wellington, Colorado, 70 miles north of Denver, the Farm accommodates up to 72 men who participate in our New Life Program. Harvest Farm works in partnership with Fort Collins Rescue Mission, and both operate under the umbrella of Denver Rescue Mission. Program participants at Harvest Farm gain the skills, stability and self-esteem necessary to become productive, self-sufficient members of society. This nationally recognized rehabilitation program combines academics, life skills classes, work therapy, Bible study, and Christian counseling in a curriculum extending up to 27 months. SouthGate supports volunteerism at the farm and refers to it as a local community resource for transformation. Find out more at https://www.harvestfarm.net/

  • Heartwork:  A national ministry based in Colorado working with numerous student groups and local churches. Through facilitating strategy, marshaling resources, pioneering partnerships and empowering student groups nearly $1,000,000 has been raised for almost 1,200 poverty-relief projects globally and locally. Heart work exists to equip a generation for compassion, leadership and generosity. Heartwork challenges students to live free from a culture of self-focus by empowering them to spend themselves for others. Find out more at www.heartwork.tv/

  • His Little Feet:  The purpose of His Little Feet is to give a voice to the millions of children around the world who do not have a voice, and to equip people to practically respond to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide. Children in His Little Feet are given the life changing opportunity be a part of the His Little Feet International Children’s Choir. While the children are in the choir they also participate in the His Little Feet Life Training Academy where they are tutoring and trained in academics, performing arts and life skills. Children in orphanages around the world are positively and sustainably impacted. His Little Feet partners with Compassion and is based in northern Colorado. Find out more at hislittlefeet.org/

  • Project 1.27:  The mission of Project 1.27 is to inspire, recruit and resource churches and families to foster and adopt the kids in their own backyard. Project 1.27 believes in building relationships, God’s calling, a pioneering spirit, community, partnership, integrity, and hope in the fact that every child and youth deserves a forever home. Project 1.27 began through the vision of Colorado Community Church believing that each church in Colorado could step forward to adopt a child and that the Body of Christ could answer the urgent need to serve children, families and local communities in Colorado. SouthGate Church often hosts local trainings from Project 1.27 and is a supportive partner in northern Colorado. Find out more at project127.com/

Global Missions

SouthGate Church has sent and supported various long term, cross cultural missionaries to various regions of the world including Africa, Asia and Europe as well as partnered with agencies and organizations that serve the spread of the gospel abroad. To protect the sensitive nature of some global efforts, SouthGate doesn't publish all pertinent contact details for our supported missionaries on the internet, but you may learn more through contact with our local church.

  • Asian Hope:  Since 1999, Asian Hope has transitioned from serving 30 orphaned children to now working with over 1,250 children and their families. They operate a formal schools, catch up school (after school creative programs to those in poverty) as well as started a Village Development Program that seeks to protect children and holistically transform communities. They operate two of the top international schools in Cambodia, and give over $2.2 Million in scholarships to needy children. SouthGate Church has sent and supported missionaries that provide leadership to Asian Hope. Find out more at https://www.asianhope.org/
  • His Little Feet:  The purpose of His Little Feet is to give a voice to the millions of children around the world who do not have a voice, and to equip people to practically respond to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide... (See above under "local" as this effort also reaches globally) 
  • Life For the Innocent:  Operating domestically and networking globally, Life for the Innocent exists to rescue children around the world from human trafficking. We provide for their practical needs, minister healing to their shame, bring joy to their lives and usher them into the loving arms of a Christian family. Their driving motivation is Proverbs 24:11-12… Find out more at lifefortheinnocent.org/
  • Little Lights Home:  An orphanage established in 2009, David and Hekali Treat, believed in a loving environment where children would be raised with an awareness of and love for their cultural heritage of birth, while also learning to love and understand those of other backgrounds. The orphanage offers a safe family environment, access to medical care and education and compassionate aid. It is located in Nagaland, north east India. The founders are supported by SouthGate Church and are also engaged in other indigenous missionary training efforts, pioneer movements and gospel efforts in the Tibeto-Burman region of Asia. Find out more through SouthGate Church.
  • Mark IV Harvest:  With offices in Colorado, USA and Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia Mark IV ’s vision has been to establishing Christian education and an international school in Tbilisi with a rich curriculum including a strong emphasis on English language. The spiritual growth of teachers and students is as important as the academic side. The school is already showing excellent standards academically, and the lives of everyone involved are touched by the power of the Gospel. SouthGate Church sent out the pioneering missionaries who embarked on this transforming work and continue to support them. Find out more at mark4harvest.org/
  • Zach James:  YWAM in Argentina