We cannot create or manufacture God’s closeness or presence, but we know that He is present when we gather to worship Him, His Son Jesus and His Spirit. We expect God to meet with us, comfort, challenge and call us to love and truth. Our fellowship, this gathering, is characterized by dependence on God. It does not begin with, or rely upon: skills, events or programs. Spiritual growth, gifts, ministries, and missions are dependent upon the miraculous power and providence of the Triune God through His Church. Beginning with our gatherings on Sundays, and in all our efforts and activities, we search and seek to determine what God is doing and to cooperate with Him. We will use ministry methods and forms that are biblical and effective. As we gather to worship, we acknowledge this dependence on and hope in God.

Each Other

When you join us on a Sunday (we gather at 10am) we hope to genuinely share and experience God’s life through His presence, meaningful worship, and a casual and welcoming environment. We believe we can see God in each other, frail and failing as we all may be at times, we carry the presence of God, Christ and Spirit. 

We pray the "each other" and "one another" ministry spoken of in the Scriptures happens for you when you visit with us. You will meet people who love and care for others; people like you, of different ages, backgrounds and values. Expect to find everyday people who are praying for and discovering God’s purpose in their lives.  

You will discover a relaxed and friendly atmosphere filled with normal and genuine people building relationships. Sometimes, we may come with pains and challenges, adversity and disappointments, these all are welcome in our congregation. We pray the resurrection life of Christ also mets you in your time of need. We welcome you. Go ahead and try out a gathering on Sunday at 10am, it's a great time to connect.