Live together

Let's be honest with each other. How many of us want to have friendship, support and practical help? How easy is it to get that? It takes work, acceptance and availability. Life groups are a great way to start the journey. They are places where we can hang out together, develop friendships, share experiences, pray for one another and the church, ask for counsel, and build the relationships that we hope for and need.

Grow together

Our groups meet weekly and bimonthly throughout the year. They meet mostly in homes, sometimes coffee shops, at times in the mountains and other local venues as well as at our worship facility (during special event seminars related to Life Learning modules). They are led and hosted by people who desire to invest in these growing environments and are trained and supported by our pastors and elders. Our life groups often integrate couples, singles, students, men and women. They are typically made up of 8-14 people, including leader and host.