Worship teams devote themselves to Jesus Christ on a daily basis, allowing God to use their spiritual gifts to make the way for our hearts and souls to open up and give true worship to Almighty God, our Savior.


Pastor Kevin enlists young and old to help as he pours out the Bible to us every week in creative ways - using allegories, visual demonstrations, audiovisual tools and most importantly, tons of prayer and Scripture.


We live in world where many of the touching points happen by social media, messaging, phone, email and on and on. However, a practical next step is to also meet up and have the chance to come join with other believers in person and/or maybe develop new connections and relationships with other disciples of Jesus. 

Here are some of the things we get together for:

We often share weekly meals after Sunday service - the Lunch Bunch

Weekly Life Groups (small home groups) meet with a variety of aims - Bible Study,   Spiritual Growth,  as well as various interest groups.

Working together also helps develop relationships - as we host families through FFH,  go on mission trips, try to help meet some of the needs we see around us,  and sponsor events to promote spiritual growth and a good lifestyle in the ways God intends it to be.


We cannot create or manufacture God's closeness or presence, but we know that He is present when we gather to worship Him, His Son Jesus and His Spirit.  We expect God to meet with us, comfort, challenge and call us to Love and Truth.   Our fellowship is characterized by dependence on God.  It does not begin with, or rely upon:  our skills; events; or programs.  Spiritual growth, gifts, ministries and missions are dependent upon the miraculous power and providence of the Triune God.  Beginning with our gatherings on Sundays, and in all our efforts and activities, we search and seek to determine what God is doing and to cooperate with Him.  We use ministry methods that are Biblical and effective.  As we gather to worship, we acknowledge this dependence on and hope in - GOD.