God, our Father, is all Good.  God is limitless and endless as well as near and personal.   He is perfect in every way including love, holiness, power and wisdom.   He hears us, answers our prayers and accepts all who choose to come to Him through Christ Jesus.  He knows what is right and what leads to destruction, and He both warns and encourages us to choose Life rather than death.

Jesus Christ  is God and He has always existed.   He came from Heaven to be born on Earth through the virgin Mary.   He healed people, loved people, taught about God and His kingdom, firmly cast out the unclean spirits from people and did many other miraculous things.

Jesus was the spotless, sinless Lamb that God had prepared as a sacrifice to atone for our sin, according to the law God gave man.   He loved God with all His heart, soul, mind and strength... enough to follow the Father's leading when arrested, tormented and executed.   And just as promised, He arose from the dead and is alive forevermore, and will return one day to rule the earth from Jerusalem - His Jerusalem.   ...and all rulers will worship and obey Him.  

The Holy Spirit is God.  Jesus baptizes us in the Holy Spirit to be witnesses for Him and live pure lives.   The Holy Spirit gives gifts for building up the Body of Christ, and to give us Life by knowing "the one True God and Christ Jesus whom He has sent", so that we walk in his truth.

The Scriptures (Bible), both Old and New Testaments are God’s Word.   They are inspired, unfailing and without error in the original manuscripts. They are our final source for all doctrine, instruction, and correction.

People are precious to God; He loves them and has provided salvation for all mankind. Although "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God", and are separated from God in some way, they have the privilege by merit of the death, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ to repent of their sin, believe in Jesus as Savior, accept him as Lord and receive forgiveness and eternal life.   This process is possible because of God’s grace (favor) and comes by faith and trust in Christ. It results in an active commitment to follow Jesus.

The Church consists of all communities of believers in Jesus Christ throughout the world. Local churches exist to be gatherings of Jesus followers focused on worshiping God with our whole lives, encouraging and helping each other, praying, preaching God's kingdom, teaching, healing...  doing as Jesus did.   As a church we practice water baptism and the Lord’s supper


Vision & Mission

Our vision is "love God, follow Jesus Christ, love people, and reach out." Our mission is to make disciples who are filled with the Holy Spirit to obey the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 22 & 28). We desire to effectively reach the Next Generation, our Neighbors, the Needy and the Nations.  By God's Spirit, people are set free,  those who do not know Jesus Christ are given His Truth richly, so we can become rooted deeply in God's Word, releasing God's people in their gifts and passions to be disciples of Jesus and do as Jesus did - wherever we are, and wherever we go.