Pastor Kevin McGinley has been with SouthGate for over 30 years (early on known as Fort Collins Christian Center) and carries a sincere desire to equip God’s people to fulfill their purpose as well as investing in ministry to the needy, the nations, neighbors and the next generation. He has a large family including several adopted children and also loves serving as an athletic director in the community.

The Elders (see photo - left to right) includes: Ric, David, Pastor Kevin, Rob, Gary, & Andy.

SouthGate Church also has team of deacons serving the spiritual and practical needs of the church including safety, compassion, benevolence and administration ministries as well as supporting the elders. 

There are various ministries and efforts functioning in SouthGate that are served by the love and care of our church family.

Everyone A Disciple

SouthGate Church believes strongly in an interdependent environment where each disciple of Jesus participates in the blessing and responsibility of life support, service, and ministry. Each person, part in the “Body,” contributes to the health and sustainability of this local expression of the Church. Those who attend and participate are not merely an audience, they all make up this church. We look forward to all being the church and all participating in life together – with you too!